Starting... This is a web rebuild of Tomb Raider, the Lara Croft classic. It uses modern browser technologies such as WebGL to render the original game right into your browser. If it doesn't work, you might have to switch browsers, or try enabling HTML5 with WebGL. Alternatively, you can try another action game. You can find a great list here. There are literally more than 1,000 games, so you're guaranteed to find one you like.
(.PHD, .PSX)

OpenLara on github & facebook
keyboad: move - WASD / arrows, jump - Space, action - E/Ctrl, draw weapon - Q, change weapon - 1-4, walk - Shift, side steps - ZX/walk+direction, camera - MouseR)
gamepad: PSX controls for Xbox controller
Change view: V
Time Control: R - slow motion, T - fast motion
FullScreen: Alt + Enter