Click the dice to gain a random bonus or loss based on how the die rolls. Gain 1 roll every 150 seconds.
Total Rolls: 0
Current Roll: 0
Last Roll: 0
Gambling Bonus: 0%


Cultist generate blood that can be used to preform rituals. Click the blue a red icons to perform a ritual.
Blood: 0
Max Blood: 0
Total Rituals: 0
Ritual Bonus: 0%

Stock Exchange
Stock markets value fluctuates over time, sometimes giving large production bonuses, and sometimes large production reductions.
Market Bonus: 0%

Mines slowly grant gold, which can be used in exchange for other buildings currencies.
Gold Mined: 0

Factories grant gears periodically, and these can be used to upgrade various stats via the gray icons below.
Gears Obtained: 0
Production Bonus: 0%
Max Time Bonus: +0x
Click Bonus: 0%

Click one of the icons below to begin worshipping an Aztec deity. The longer a deity is worshipped the more powerful their bonuses will be up to a point.

Research Center
Periodically gain research points, which can be used to unlock unique upgrades from different research paths via the icons below.
0 Research Points
0 Research Points

Power Plant
Generates energy, which can be used to activate various production boosting effects.

Sacrificial Shrine
Unlocks a clicking sub-game, that can unlock various upgrades and effects.

Frozen Wasteland
Frozen Wastelands slowly produce snowflakes, that can be used for various effects. The generation rate does not change with the game speed.

Banks slowly increase production over time (1% per 20 minutes).

Alien Research Facility
Alien Research Facilities slowly unlock unique upgrades every hour. This upgrade rate does not change with game speed.

Propaganda Center
Propaganda Centers increase the base production of all tier 1 buildings by 1500 per 10 propaganda centers, and all tier 2 buildings by 8000 per 10 propaganda centers.

Asteroid Miner
Asteroid Miners slowly increase their base production. This rate is increased for every 10 asteroid miners.

Click Farm
Click Farms grant the ability to place autoclickers that simulate real clicks anywhere on the screen once every 3 seconds. This is available with the blue mouse icon to the left of this menu.

Periodically merchants will drop a package that will grant a random bonus.
 Buy up to: 1  5  10  50  
Build New
Build New
1 Quadrillion
Build New
100 Octillion
Black Hole